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Today Let’s Increase Website Traffic

Today is a good day to increase website traffic. So let’s start with reviewing the best articles on the subject to get the best strategies from around the website marketing and SEO industry.

First up is Wordstream’s view of best traffic boosting strategies and a good selection here:

Twenty five ways to increase website traffic

They include paid advertising, social media, SEO, content marketing, targeting long tailed keywords and interviewing industry leaders, posting videos, infographics, speeding up your website render speed as well as getting active posting on Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram.

Next up is Moz, who are big favourites of ours, offering several unique strategies for boosting web traffic:

12 ways to increase web traffic from Google

They suggest Indepth articles, improving user satisfaction, rich snippets from structured data, video optimisation, Google authorship, improving site speed, smartphone SEO, content marketing, posting fresh content. Not forgeting the important on page SEO factors (and this is all without mentioning off page link building). Great technical SEO factors summary in this article.

Facebook Remarketing gets a mention, along with reminder of the opportunity to upload your e mail lists into Facebook to find social media profiles of your customers to connect with. Twitter remarketing, Twitter custom audiences. blogging, building an e mail list with contact forms, newsletters, offers. SEO, quizzes and contributing with articles and activity on social media. Entrepreneur really emphasises the social media channels for modern traffic boosting.

Traffic is the life blood of online business and it makes sense to look for ways to keep it flowing

It’s our view that quality content written to cover popular search keywords that target customers are searching for, is a strong, long lasting approach to growing your website traffic. The technical SEO setup of a website can add great value to boosting traffic for you if done well. It can also be a reason for a quiet website if SEO is poor, compared to a competitor website with good SEO.

Technical knowledge, the drive to improve and knowing the right people to help you are all important when boosting website traffic.

If you would like to get discuss how you can improve your website set up to increase traffic, contact us today.

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Steve Johnson is a Digital Marketing Director in Twickenham, West London.

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