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Mobile friendly Websites – Ever been sat on a moving train and tried to find a phone number or information about a company on your mobile phone?

You will quickly discover the advantages of clicking on a mobile responsive website – it’s all about ease of use.

Time For Mobile Friendly Update

Google has long since given notice of its intention to reward mobile friendly websites with higher search engine keyword rankings, so it makes sense for the last remaining websites to upgrade so not to lose SEO traction.

A lot of these requests come from websites that were built in excess of five years ago, when this requirement was not as important, and the World was not so dependent upon Smartphones and Tablet devices for web searches.

Mobile friendly or mobile responsive website design relates to the websites ability to detect the type of device and respond to deliver the appropriate screen size for best viewing experience.

Indeed Google, Yahoo and Bing are all pushing quality user experience for their search engine visitors and expecting website owners to have the latest technologies.

These days there is also a Google Mobile Friendly test to help website owners check if it’s mobile responsive or not. Here is a link to that Google test page.

Solutions To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

If this is you, what steps to take:

Common website platforms like WordPress, Opencart or Magento, these require a design theme.

Upgrading the old static theme to a mobile responsive one is the first step, before editing the theme options to suit the previous theme layout. Adjustments for navigational menus and widgets may have to be done as well. It goes without saying that noting down the previous theme options before activating the new theme can save time.

Good news! Almost all website design themes launched these days are mobile responsive. Why? Because they won’t sell them or they will get poor customer reviews if not responsive.

So, if you are starting a fresh new website, the issue shouldn’t arise. It’s the websites built about five years or more ago that need  a mobile responsive website upgrade, if not already done.

Warning: Theme changes should be carried out with care. Ensure your website is backed up correctly and that all URLS are documented prior to theme update.

NB. Also check there have been no web coding customisations carried out on the website theme or plugins prior to planned upgrade as these can be lost.

If you don’t want to upgrade to a mobile responsive design theme, then additional coding is required to convert the fixed width to responsive. You’ll want to add meta tags such as width=device-width, initial-scale=1, and maximum-scale=1. Furthermore, when moving from fixed layout to responsive design, establish “break points” that will trigger CSS style rules.

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