Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation Through Adverts And Sharing

Facebook Referral Growth Hacking

These days clients are often amazed at some of the latest viral traffic techniques that can be done with Facebook to share your message not only with your current users (that’s easy), but what if you could learn how to share with their friends, and then the friends’ friends, that would help your branding wouldn’t it?

These new techniques which we offer as part of our social media packages, help reduce your Facebook advertising spend, yet achieve similar and often better reach to new customers and potential sales leads.

Tailored landing pages typically generates about a 25% opt in rate, but some of the new Facebook referral sharing can achieve optin rates of up to 40% which helps you to rapidly grow your e mail list from social media channels, mainly Facebook, but Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin.

Referral based marketing works! So why not let us help you get your customers to refer you to their friends.

Why would they do that?

Because you are offering them an incentive to do it..

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Smart social marketing works!

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