Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Why Facebook Advertising Is Worth Doing Well

Facebook Advertising is a popular way of generating brand interest,  engagement and leads for your products and services.

Facebook advertising campaigns have the potential to work well and deliver ROI, especially if set up by an experienced Facebook Advertiser who has had a good brief from you.

For business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) advertising through social media is something that must be considered if you intend to grow your business and compete with other competitors who will probably be increasingly active on social media and this means you need to do it too or be left behind.

Pros For Facebook Advertising

  • Traffic generation to your Facebook page for brand awareness
  • Traffic generation to your Facebook Store for sales
  • Traffic generation to your website for sales lead capture, shop sales or branding
  • Targeting customers by location, age, interest, groups, likes
  • Facebook is smart at retargeting people who have previously clicked on your advert, so shown interest and are more likely to buy or sign up for your offers.
  • Good analytics to monitor campaign results / KPIs (Key performance indicators)
  • KPIs all easy to find :  examples are advertising spend £, post engagement, link clicks, reach, impressions, cost per result


Facebook Advertising Campaign Management


Cons For Facebook Advertising

  • Wieldy advertising set up for the novice
  • Complicated reporting which is not always easy to understand for the novice
  • Costs can quickly mount up if not set up with precise budgets and timescales for campaigns
  • Best set budgets and campaigns for set timescales to be sure to hit your Facebook advertising goals.
  • Facebook are constantly updating their advertising policies and procedures, so it’s best to keep up to date, so there are no surprises.
  • It’s time consuming, especially if you don’t do it every day to keep up to date with the admin panels

Of course you’ll not have time, because as a SME business owner, you’re too busy running your business, so why not reduce your stress and let us manage Facebook Ads for you?

Our experts will get your new campaign set up, handle monitoring and the tweaks that make all the difference to your ROI (return on investment).

Grow quicker with Facebook Advertising, plus see some of the latest, new Facebook marketing strategies in action.

Just How Big Is Social Media Now?

Facebook is by far the biggest and most widely used social media platform globally with nearly 2.2 Billion active users, but incredibly it still also one of the fastest growing social channels too which takes it to a whole new level in terms opportunities for market research, customer engagement, branding, web traffic generation, lead generation and sales opportunities.

Social media marketing, where referrals, testimonials, customer reviews and general word of mouth makes all the difference these days. Summed up nicely as building “trust” if it comes via friends on social media.

Some people are also big followers of what is “trending” and also what celebrities are doing currently.

However, the power of social media can also be seen in the term “fake news” where the power of sharing messages to lots of people quickly through viral posts to create attention with engaging headlines and use of videos. Some of this may not be factual, but it can appear so if enough people share it.

So it again shows that brands need to be aware that social media can be a powerful force for sharing both good and bad news through positive advertising and  negative publicity.

Communication and careful management of both of these can help a brand stay ahead on social media. Twitter is very quick for getting a message out there. Linkedin is effective for business to business especially.




With all that said, we are constantly looking for ways to get more “bang for your advertising buck” on Facebook and this can make a difference in terms of keeping to your budget, getting more clicks at a reduced cost per click and using Facebook and all the social channels to drive traffic to your Facebook store or your website.

Facebook Referral Growth Hacking

These days clients are often amazed at some of the latest viral traffic techniques that can be done with Facebook to share your message not only with your current users (that’s easy), but what if you could learn how to share with their friends, and then the friends’ friends, that would help your branding wouldn’t it?

These new techniques which we offer as part of our social media packages, help reduce your Facebook advertising spend, yet achieve similar and often better reach to new customers and potential sales leads.

Tailored landing pages typically generates about a 25% opt in rate, but some of the new Facebook referral sharing can achieve optin rates of up to 40% which helps you to rapidly grow your e mail list from social media channels, mainly Facebook, but Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin.

Referral based marketing works! So why not let us help you get your customers to refer you to their friends.

Why would they do that?

Because you are offering them an incentive to do it..

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Get in contact to find out how you can make the most of the latest Social referral marketing techniques, as well as well run Facebook advertising campaigns to grow your business.

Smart social marketing works!

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