Potential Customers and Returning Visitors

Generating more website sales is an important factor for all business owners. This starts with generating website traffic to introduce potential customers to your products and services. SEO and paid search are the traditional traffic sources, but other channels such as video, audio and social media are becoming increasingly important.

Potential customers are searching the web every moment of the day, searching for websites with business services and products like yours. Are they finding your website?

At Social Media SEO Ltd, we have a 20 point plan for improving your website to attract more potential customers. Not only will you increase your website traffic for new customers, we can help you see how many return visitors your website is getting and how to boost sales conversions. Contact us to find out more. Tel: 0208 744 1621 or 07872 535 507


Steve Johnson is a Digital Marketing Director in Twickenham, West London.

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