How To Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

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How To Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

Many people go through there lives believing that a superfast website is only for the big companies with huge marketing budgets.

Maybe you think the same? I did too, but now all that has changed as I know how to increase your website speed and I know how to do it very effectively for a budget that won’t break the bank.

Why Is It Important?

Google as the biggest search engine, now uses website upload speed as a ranking factor and therefore it cannot be ignored if you are serious website owner or digital marketer with responsibility for website search engine performance.

Are you overworked and website technology is not your favourite thing?  This is understandable and like most website owners, you will focused on running your business and not have the time or experience to do it yourself without getting distracted.

So what is the solution? Yes call in your local web designer. I can help you.

What Is In It For You If You Go For Web Speed Optimisation?

  • Improved website page speed
  • Grow your website traffic as Google rewards you for being a faster website
  • Improved web user experience
  • Happier visitors to your website
  • Visitors spend more time on your site
  • Better SEO scores for time on site KPI
  • Higher rankings in search engines
  • Potentially more new customer / client leads can be generated.
The new competitive edge for websites is now speed for page uploads. The technical improvements that can made are akin to turbo charging your website for maximum upload speed performance. This combined with mobile first indexing is separating website winners from losers.

First Speed, then think about developing a Mobile First Strategy.

What Is A Mobile First Strategy?

Whereas a responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on, a Mobile First Strategy is the next stage of improvement for mobile visitors. Mobile first strategy is the trend in website development where designing a website for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices takes priority over desktops.

Why Is Mobile First Important?

Google Mobile first indexing means Google now predominantly uses the mobile version of your web content for indexing and ranking pages. Historically, rankings index was primarily based on the content of your desktop version of a webpage’s content when evaluating the relevance, quality, uniqueness and authority impacting Google rankings. So mobile’s user growth, which has now reached over 50% of all web searches is taken very seriously bu search engines, who want happy users on their web searches.

Website Speed Optimisation – Get Your Website To Load Quicker

Website Speed Service For WordPress Website speed is an important SEO factor affecting your website rankings in Google and all the major search engines.

Reason – No-one likes a slow website and a website’s render speed affects visitor experience.

Search engines want to offer their users a quality visitor experience and waiting any longer than 3 seconds for a web page to render leads to the user immediately leaving your site page for a quicker competitor site.

Bounce rate i.e how many visitors leave your website after just one page view is also affected by website speed. So Google deems website speed important and so should you.

Common reasons for slow websites include poorly optimised:

  • On-page SEO
  • Browser Caching
  • Database Optimisation
  • Minification
  • Photo file size

Website Speed Optimisation Solutions Include

Eliminate and fix all errors and optimisation suggestions

Eliminate render blocking CSS and JS for improved performance

Compress the size of your website based on page speed insight’s recommendations

Speed-up and improve loading time (less than 3 secs)

Optimise database table

Optimise images for greater speed and performance


Done For You

Website Speed Service For WordPress Want a faster wordpress website?

One that ranks better in search engines and gives happier web visitors.

Want it done for you, nice simple, no stress?

If yes, then you will benefit from our website speed optimisation service.


Website Speed Optimisation Service

Who’s it for?

It’s For:

  • website owners, managers and marketeers
  • website owners seeking a faster upload for their web visitors
  • Website owners seeking increased sales conversion rates
  • Website managers seeking website speed optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation Service – Included Caching and Database optimisation plus Image Optimisation up to maximum agreed image number.

Guaranteed speed improvements!

Cost of Website Speed Service is £350 per website

Result delivered in 4 days

Send me your wordpress website URL and your contact details and I will send more information.

Just think, a faster website can be a reality for you.

We are based in Twickenham, London, UK and can improve speed for websites based anywhere in UK.

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Steve Johnson is a Digital Marketing Director in Twickenham, West London.